The Stories

To understand the product of LIFE STORIES, here are a few brief excerpts from some recent interviews conducted for personal historical preservation.

Hink Salley


Hemrick “Hink” Salley, Jr., is the eighth generation to live on his family’s old farmstead in a town named for his ancestors who settled it in 1736. As the self-appointed historian, he has preserved the stories of the tiny town in each tale he tells.  Hink’s dedication to remembering every name and incident of note, or otherwise, in Salley’s timeline is evident in this ten minute clip, “The Fortune Teller.”

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Dot Jackson

Dot Jackson4upA comfortable afternoon at the home of Pulitzer Prize nominee Dot Jackson yielded recollections of a career in journalism covering murder trials, snake-handling prayer meetings, and some of the hardest-fought environmental battles of our times.  See two minutes from over two hours of priceless material.

This project was funded by the Birchwood Center for Arts and Folklife with a grant from The Humanities Council of SC.

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Tom Turner


In 1969, Tom Turner was a cub reporter for the Augusta Chronicle when he had the opportunity to gain a rare interview with the famous Southern novelist Erskine Caldwell. Mr Turner, who became a well-known playwright and screenwriter himself, recounts his youthful experience of speaking with a living legend like Caldwell. This extended interview was conducted in our studio.

This project was funded by the Aiken County Historical Museum with a grant from The Humanities Council of SC.

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Sister Peterkin

Peterkin4upGenevieve “Sister” Chandler Peterkin, who passed on in 2011, was described by the poet Thomas L. Johnson as “a vitally engaged – and engaging – historian and environmental activist.” Embracing her heritage as the daughter of the renown WPA slave narrative historian Genevieve Chandler and the daughter-in-law of Pulitzer Prize winner author Julia Peterkin, Sister became the beloved storyteller of the Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, coastal area. Here she recounts an “embarrassing” incident between her mother and the father of her famous mother-in-law.

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