Our Process

Listen, learn, shoot, edit.Set2

A pre-interview, without camera, is essential to outline the interview direction.  Interviewing authors, historians, songwriters and scientists over the years has honed our ability to listen and learn.

It’s your interview.  You point the direction for the recording session.  We prepare to guide you there when we shoot.

Kemp 1

Whether at your location or our studio, we plan for a 2-3 hour recording session.  It’s not a marathon, but comfortable setting with breaks as desired.

A family member, friend or consultant is welcome.  Our job is to guide you back to your recollections.  And, make it beautiful.

We shoot with the Canon Cinema 300 camera and prime lenses.  For lighting, we use LitePanels.  These light-weight, no-heat, low-power instruments emit soft light in daylight color balance.

Todd 2

Microphone options include Sennheiser, RODE, Tram, Audix and Sony.  It’s the perfect gear for the mission.

The term “edit” in this case means a simple stringing together of the interview footage with the starts and stops removed.   The intent is to produce an archive.  No content is eliminated by us for this project.  At a later time, in another project, more extensive editing is available.