Listen, learn, shoot, edit.

From authors in New York, environmentalists in Seattle, songwriters in Austin to congressmen in Washington, and a hundred in between, each interview scenario has honed our ability to listen, learn and parse for the deeper meanings to a story.

Once we have all agreed to the professional arrangements, a pre-interview, without camera, is essential to outline the interview direction.

Yours is unique.  It’s your interview.  You point the direction.  We provide guidance.

The ideal is the “half day” interview.  Whether in your location or our studio, we plan for a 2-3 hour recording session.  It’s not a marathon, but comfortable setting with breaks as desired.  A family member, friend or consultant is welcome.

The term “edit” in this case means a simple stringing together of the interview footage with the starts and stops removed.   The intent is to produce an archive.  No content is eliminated by us.  Of course, any amount of condensing is available at a later time.

Deliverables and Pricing.